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What are cannabinoids?

From the euphoric heights of THC to the chilled-out calm of CBD, cannabinoids hold the key to understanding the surprisingly complex cannabis plant.

While cannabinoids have been studied since the ’60s, more and more discoveries have surfaced about these unique molecules and their effects. Here’s everything you need to know about cannabinoids.

What are cannabinoids?

Imagine a molecular house party where each guest brings a unique vibe. That’s essentially what cannabinoids are like; they’re all present in the cannabis plant but each one boasts a specific chemical structure, influencing how it interacts with the body and mind. Some, like THC, act as social butterflies, binding to receptors in the brain and sparking that “high” feeling. Others, like CBD, play the introvert, offering a more subtle, calming effect. While sleepy CBN might just be your express route to bedtime.

But, like any good gathering, how each molecule interacts is also key. Cannabinoids are team players, often working together to amplify or mitigate each other’s effects—sort of like the way eating tomatoes (full of vitamin C) with spinach helps your body absorb more iron. It’s this type of subtle interplay that creates the diverse spectrum of experiences associated with cannabis, from giggly euphoria to peaceful focus.

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